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Why nitrile gloves? 4 reasons to use nitrile gloves

Why nitrile gloves

If you work in the medical industry and are a follower of our blog, you will already know that disposable gloves are the best choice in terms of hygiene, but you may still not be convinced which material is best. So let’s look at why nitrile gloves.

Nitrile gloves are the quintessential alternative to classic latex gloves. This is because nitrile is a synthetic rubber blend that, unlike latex, is produced artificially.

Moreover, nitrile medical gloves have been produced for so long and are in such good demand that more affordable options have just now begun to be marketed, and versions of nitrile medical gloves have even come out that are biodegradable.

But what makes them so good? In other words, why are nitrile gloves better and what are the economic benefits of purchasing them? Stick around to find out!

1. A product designed for a wide range of jobs

Perhaps to better understand the benefits of this product, it would be good to first explain what nitrile gloves are.

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material. Due to its high strength, it is used in the manufacture of gloves for use in industries where dexterity is required, such as food processing, cleaning, manufacturing, automotive and industrial applications.

In which industries are blue gloves used?

-Nitrile is an oil and grease resistant substance, so the gloves can be used by workers in the automotive industry who are regularly exposed to these types of corrosives.

-Nitrile gloves provide good grip in dry and moderately wet conditions, so they are used in the transportation industry.

-They are an indispensable item of equipment for employees of moving companies, reloading points, warehouses, construction depots or wholesalers.

-The nitrile coating is also a good insulator against germs and bacteria, so food-safe nitrile gloves are always the first choice.

2. The toughest material on the market

According to the experts at GloveNation, nitrile surgical gloves are three times more puncture resistant than latex gloves, which translates into safety for both doctors and patients.

Better than the alternative

Compared to other types of gloves, nitrile gloves are more resistant to damage that can be caused by mechanical factors. Nitrile is also characterized by high abrasion resistance and resistance to punctures, leaks and cuts.

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Something you should know

It is worth remembering that gloves intended to protect the wearer must have a set of information printed on the box. According to the corresponding requirements, these should be:

-The name and address of the manufacturer.

-The name and address of the importer.

-The date of production.

-The shelf life of the gloves.

-Pictograms indicating the level of protection provided by the product.

-The standards it complies with or the laws under which it is governed.

3. A more user-friendly product

Nitrile is a flexible and hypoallergenic material, so it adapts to the shape of the hand and does not produce any type of reaction on contact.

These properties have a great influence on user comfort. Especially for people who wear gloves at work and have to wear them for several hours a day.

But what else, why use nitrile gloves and why are they better than latex and vinyl gloves?

A quick change

Nitrile rubber gloves alone have a lower coefficient of friction, which makes them easier to put on and take off.

During the manufacturing process blue nitrile disposable gloves are surface applied, allowing users to put on and take off the product more easily, creating a seamless glove changing experience.

Far superior resistance

Far superior resistance

Nitrile gloves do not restrict movement and allow operations requiring precision.

They are therefore indispensable when performing procedures involving the use of needles or sharp tools, such as a surgical scalpel, making them the ideal choice in the cosmetics and medical industry.

In addition, nitrile is also resistant to acids, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, as well as fats and oils. Without a doubt, they are the safest chemical-resistant gloves on the market. For this reason, they are preferred by laboratory workers.

Increased microbiological protection

Increased microbiological protection

This material forms a barrier that protects hands from contact with secretions, which are a potential source of infection.

Therefore, nitrile medical gloves are used by employees of tattoo and piercing parlors, as well as by staff of hospitals, clinics, dentists, outpatient clinics and blood collection points.

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4. A smart investment

So far we have told you about the benefits of this great product, pointing out the benefits it has for medical staff and patients as well.

However, if you have reached this point of the article, we know that you are not only interested in the properties of the product, but also in the economic benefits that it can offer to your healthcare company.

That is to say, is it worth investing in this product, is it profitable, is it the most economical and ideal option for the company’s expenses, or is there a better option?

The other options, as you know, are latex and vinyl and yes, these two are definitely cheaper in terms of price, but you should consider the following.

If you can buy 10 or 20 more units of latex or vinyl glove packs for the same price, those units will most likely be lost to latex allergic users and because one pair of nitrile gloves last the same as three pairs of vinyl gloves.

In the end you could offer the best product in your company and make it perform as well as the cheaper alternatives. It is about investing in quality and not quantity.

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Now that you know the best alternative for non-latex gloves and all its benefits, it’s time to place your next order.

At Divocco Medical our entire vision is based on the partnership we can develop with you, as a manager of a small or medium sized company.

Want to trust your supplier? You can trust that we will deliver on our promises and work tirelessly to improve your customer experience.

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