Health & medical platform for the Digital Age.

Divocco Medical was born from the merger of an innovative entrepreneur and a leading-edge medical expert. Today, their primary goal is to efficiently supply and deliver the vital personal protective equipment to businesses in Canada and around the world. Tomorrow, it will be to leverage our market position to contribute to R&D and provide AI-based medical technology in clinical settings. Meet the team and you will be convinced.


Continuous Improvement

We apply the Lean philosophy to create a fully customer-centric business to perpetually improve your customer experience at Divocco.

Focus on long-term vision

We seamlessly interface healthcare and technology to optimize both the logistics of supplying medical equipment and to create the devices of tomorrow.


We collaborate with you to address your needs, meet your demands, and help solve your problems with innovative and timely solutions.


Divocco’s story is a great one.  It started immediately after Didier and Pascal met. At first glance, they seemed to be an unlikely pair, yet they quickly found common ground in their love of business and medicine, their strong sense of ethics, their shared values and innovative spirit. Individually, they each excelled in their chosen field, Didier in business development, and Pascal in medicine and AI. When they joined forces to market Pascal’s dream – to bring the digital revolution to the medical world – they discovered that they formed a solid partnership, embedded in trust and respect. A deep, fun-loving friendship ensued. Their unique business and personal bond are what gives Divocco Medical its edge.


Just an idea

It was an idea that had been germinating in Pascal’s head since his early days in medical school.  Pascal, our CMO and anesthesiologist at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, was resolute in the idea that integrating AI-driven software in operating room logistics would hugely benefit Canadians.


Official Start

Previously named through a corporation number only, the company was renamed Divocco Medical in 2019. Their first supplier relationship was created. 


Team Growth

After determining the dire need of medical disposables in Quebec and Canada, Didier and Pascal set out to efficiently distribute them to the Canadian market. It was then time to recruit the best and most creative talents to meet the needs of their customers. Divocco Medical was growing strong. 


Optimization and New Verticals

Each year has been more and more exciting for Divocco Medical. This year was about growth and about optimizing the company’s performance to make Divocco Medical a customer-centric business. Collaborating with McGill’s R&D team for AI innovation will further benefit their customers and the Canadian medical field.