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How to recognize a good medical provider in Montreal?

medical provider in Montreal

Would you like to find, once and for all, a medical supplier in Montreal that is truly committed to your business and will accompany you on the road to success?

This will not be an easy task, of course. Most medical distributors are just looking to get rid of their inventory and meet a monthly quota.

At the end of the day, medical equipment distributors are salespeople at heart and their priority is simply to sell.

However, a good salesperson recognizes the value of long-term business relationships and is interested in seeing their business prosper, because they know that only then will their contracts also succeed.

But when it comes to medical supplies in Montreal, how do you tell the difference between a salesperson and a good salesperson? Both will certainly be of excellent persuasion and there is no way of knowing how committed they will be until after the contract is signed.

In this article we want to give you a couple of tips to help you recognize the best medical supplies distributors in Montreal, so that your business can have the medical supplies you need, supplies of the best quality and at the best price.

Your medical supplier must be financially strong

Your medical supplier must be financially strong

In order for you to be sure that your distributor will always have the availability you need, no matter if there is a time of crisis or any other type of administrative complication, it must have:

  • A large warehouse to store wholesale products.
  • A large liquidity to have the ability to offer credit on every order.
  • A proven infrastructure in distribution material and equipment.

If your supplier has these features, you can be sure that you will always have the medical supplies in Montreal that you need for your healthcare business.

Purchasing agreements geared to your needs

Purchasing agreements geared to your needs

Hospital equipment distributors in Montreal can incentivize the quantitative increase in supply with price reductions or favorable payment terms.

In the case of disposable materials, it may be more convenient to purchase at a higher unit price, but with better payment terms.

Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the costs of:  

  • Warehouse management.
  • The possible obsolescence of the products.
  • The needs for conservation and deterioration.

Thus, when purchasing medical supplies in Montreal, medical distributors can offer more attractive purchasing options for you, ensure a secure supply and most importantly, agree on shorter delivery times for batches.

Medical supply store with lean philosophy

If you currently have bids from several distributors on your desk, check to see if any of them work in a company with a philosophy of lean distribution and single them out from the others.

The lean philosophy, also known as lean manufacturing, is a group of techniques based on the assumption that any activity can be improved in a simple way. In other words, a set of methods and approaches that consist of reducing and eliminating waste.

In the case of the distribution of medical supplies in Canada, applying lean production reduces time wasted in the transfer of materials and reduces the return of defective products.

In addition, it also prevents buying more material than necessary and wasting time on unnecessary activities.

Sales pitch orientation

Typically, all medical distributors have a prepared pitch to present their offerings to the customer. If you want to find the business partner you need to deliver premium healthcare solutions, pay close attention to this pitch.

Advertising pitch

If the pitch focuses solely on the benefits of the products the distributor offers, it may not be the right supplier for your business.

Personalized pitch

On the other hand, if this pitch is full of questions to you and your business and the salesperson is looking for ways to provide you with tools to grow and improve processes, that, without a doubt, is the distributor you need.

Reputation check

In terms of business management, the easiest way to verify customer satisfaction is if a customer can recommend a product or service.

All you have to do is contact other companies and businesses that use medical equipment in Montreal and ask for their suppliers.

The companies with the most repeat recommendations will most likely be the ones that offer the best medical supply distribution service in Canada.

A company that looks to the future

Considering that the distributor designation is a long-term commitment, it is important to know the future plan you have for your distribution business.

At Divocco Medical, we leverage our market position to contribute to R&D and provide AI-based medical technology in clinical settings. Meet the team and you will be convinced.

To understand where we are going, we must first understand who we are. We are not a big corporate company charging our customers for administrative costs and infrastructure. We are a close-knit and enthusiastic team, driven to revolutionize the medical market.

We leverage our understanding of technology and our understanding of clinical field work to optimize our approach and deliver the best products to you. You, our customers are part of our team.

Now that you know a little more about this field and how medical equipment distribution is handled, the only thing left to ask yourself is where to buy medical supplies from a distributor that meets all these characteristics.

Divocco Medical was born from the merger of an innovative entrepreneur and a leading-edge medical expert. Today, their primary goal is to efficiently supply and deliver the vital personal protective equipment to businesses in Canada and around the world.

We apply the Lean philosophy to create a fully customer-centric business to perpetually improve your customer experience at Divocco.

We seamlessly interface healthcare and technology to optimize both the logistics of supplying medical equipment and to create the devices of tomorrow.

We collaborate with you to address your needs, meet your demands, and help solve your problems with innovative and timely solutions.To learn more about this great medical supply store near me, just click here.