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Where to get the best medical equipment for hospitals?

Having the essential medical equipment is key to providing an appropriate healthcare service. However, the health equipment needed depends on the medical care provided at the specific site, so the same medical accessories are not needed in a dental office as in a hospital.

With the above in mind, this article will mention basic items for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as well as where to buy medical supplies in Canada. 

Personal protective medical equipment

In any healthcare setting, an essential piece of medical equipment no matter what service is being provided is hospital supplies of personal protective equipment, which are not only useful, but are mandatory under Canadian law. Thus, these are mainly gloves, disposable gowns and face masks.

Thus, when it comes to these medical equipment supplies, most of them are classified according to their degree of protection and for what types of procedures they are recommended. Therefore, we will explain the levels of each one.

Disposable gowns

Disposable gowns, according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, are classified into four levels. So, a gown level one should be used by health care providers in basic procedures, in which there is no high fluid transmission, for example, a routine counseling. On the other hand, it is the medical equipment that is usually provided to visitors and patients in hospitals to protect them.

The second level is a health equipment required for processes where the risk of fluids is slightly higher, such as when drawing blood, suturing injuries or entering the Intensive Care Unit. They are the most frequent in the day-to-day work of doctors and nurses.

Finally, level three and four are used when treatments with a high risk of fluids or contagion must be performed, which is why they are used when treating trauma patients or in surgical wards.

Disposable gloves

Another medical equipment which is used daily in health services is disposable gloves. Thus, there are two types of gloves used by healthcare providers: nitrile and latex. However, in recent years, the trend in medical equipment supplies has been towards nitrile.

This is because nitrile gloves are made of nitrile butadiene, which is a type of synthetic rubber. Therefore, they have several advantages over other similar hospital supplies, first of all, they are more resistant to puncture and do not use talc to facilitate their use. 

They are also often more flexible, which allows for greater precision. In addition, this type of medical equipment in Canada is often blue in color to make it easier to notice a tear or contamination from fluids such as blood.


In recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disposable face masks have become popular among the general population. However, health crisis or not, masks are medical equipment that must be used daily in hospitals.

Thus, the most frequent version of these in hospitals are surgical masks, also called medical masks for procedures. These are nothing more than the blue disposable face masks we are all familiar with.

Thus, face masks are used in hospitals to protect workers from airborne diseases and body fluids. In some cases, visitors will also be asked to wear this health equipment.

 These are for single use only and will generally be replaced after treating patients with infectious diseases or where there is extensive fluid transmission. 

The medical equipment supplies listed above are spent in large quantities on a daily basis in hospitals, in addition to having specific regulations to ensure their effectiveness as personal protective equipment. Therefore, our recommendation on where to buy medical supplies in Canada is Divocco Medical, who sell certified hospital supplies.

Basic medical equipment for patients

Once you have taken care of the medical equipment in Canada focused on the protection of personnel, you must take care of the basic elements to be able to take care of the majority of patients. Thus, these are the medical equipment that you can find in almost any hospital.

Mobility assistance

In health care, it is common to find patients who need assistance to move around, either because of an injury or because they are weakened by illness. Hospitals therefore have a variety of medical accessories to assist with walking. 

The most common are crutches and wheelchairs. In the case of crutches, these allow the weight to be transferred from the legs to the arms and are an excellent support for those who have an injury to their legs or who are slightly weakened.

Wheelchairs are given to patients who are debilitated, for example, if they are in labor or have just been discharged from the hospital. However, they can be ordered for a variety of conditions as deemed appropriate by the health care professional caring for the individual.

Hospital beds

Another crucial element to ensure good patient care is hospital beds. Although not all healthcare facilities need to have beds, they are indispensable in hospitals, since patients often have to be hospitalized. 

In this way, hospital beds aim not only to make the patient as comfortable as possible during his or her stay, but also to facilitate the work of doctors and nurses. For example, the best beds will have functions to manipulate the height in order to lift the patient.  

Likewise, disposable sheets are used to avoid cross-contamination between one patient and another, so this element goes unquestionably hand in hand with hospital beds.

Finally, the medical equipment needed will depend largely on what procedures you want to be able to provide. There are machines for diagnostic imaging such as X-ray or MRI, as well as devices for defibrillation, however, listed here are items that are found in all hospitals.

Thus, the vast majority of the medical equipment listed here can be purchased from Divocco Medical in the Canadian area, who have a team of professionals who ensure that all hospital supplies follow both national and international regulations.