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Disposable face masks - Nitrile gloves - Latex gloves - Desinfectant

We understand that your needs differ from those of other businesses. While many businesses in Canada require personal protective equipment, PPE is not one size fits all. A podiatrist does not require the same nitrile gloves as a tattoo artist, and a dentist may want medical latex gloves for increased dexterity.

That’s where we come in. Our mission is to gear our products to your special needs and make your digital order process as seamless as possible. Our promise is to offer you unbeatable prices.

Great prices

Without compromise on quality

Direct customer service

Paired with seamless e-commere experience

Quick deliveries

To your doorstep

Don't only take our word for it...

Dre Catherine Lebeau
Dre Catherine Lebeau
Dentist and Owner - Centre Dentaire Catherine Lebeau
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"I have been purchasing the same products at the same distributors for the last 20 years, but Divocco made me change my habits. Their contact is pleasant and their prices are good. I recommend Divocco without hesitation."
Mylène Pinard
Mylène Pinard
Pharmacist and Owner - Pharmaprix Varennes
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"It is easy and pleasant with Divocco. The products and prices are very attractive so everything flies off the shelves quickly. Moreover, the customer service is responsive."
Carolyn Bélanger
Carolyn Bélanger
Gestionnaire de cliniques dentaires - Experdent
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"The products are of solid quality, prices are fair and honest and, while customer service is acceptable everywhere, Divocco really offers an impeccable customer journey."
Manon Hevey / Dr Arnaud Vouligny
Manon Hevey / Dr Arnaud Vouligny
Supply Coordinator / Podiatrist and Owner - Clinique Podiatrique Familiale de Boucherville
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Before anything else, Quebec-based Divocco Medical offers a friendly, quick, delicate and attentive customer service. We feel their smile through the phone ! Their availabilites both for time and products always meet our requirements. A few months ago, we were out of medical masks and they came, in person, the same day, to answer our needs. Finally, the pricing of both latex and nitrile gloves are so attractive that, instead of buying many small orders throughout the year, we now save time and money by ordering larger quantities. Undoubtedly, I recommend to try Divocco Medical.

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Divocco DivoTex gloves
powder-free Textured-fingers

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Divocco GelOcco
Hand Gel (4L)

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Divocco Non-sterile Bibs (2 ply)

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