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7 best hand sanitizers approved by Health Canada

Today, hand sanitizer has become a daily staple for everyone. Since the pandemic, there isn’t a person who doesn’t carry this cleaning product wherever they go. In fact, thanks to its popularity in use, there have been many brands to choose from, but we always look for the best hand sanitizers for our family.

One way to get a safe hand sanitizer is through Health Canada. The most important organization that looks after the improvement and maintenance of the health of all Canadians. Each month, Health Canada provides a list of disinfectants approved by them that meet the requirements and will not present a problem to your health.

Here is a list of the best Health Canada-approved hand sanitizers that will guarantee protection and reliability to fight the virus.

1- Hand Sanitizer – Aurelia

It is an antiseptic skin cleanser that eliminates bacteria/germs harmful to our health. It is one of the hand sanitizers that is approved by Health Canada. Among its active ingredients is 70% Ethanol, while its active ingredients are water, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxypropyl glycerin and citric acid. It does not present any danger to people, but you should avoid contact with eyes.

2- Xerox Hand Sanitizer

The Xerox brand has gained some popularity in the manufacture of hand sanitizers. In fact, a distinguishing feature is that it is a hospital grade sanitizer, and is fully approved by Health Canada. It helps to greatly reduce bacteria that can cause illness. This product contains 80% alcohol and comes in a large capacity bottle.

3- Hand Sanitizer – Hello Bello

Hello Bello hand sanitizer combines the best of both worlds, affordability and efficacy. This product comes in gel format and is available in a wide variety of sizes. A child-safe gel version is available, but you should always maintain the necessary precautions. A hand sanitizer for sensitive skin that has been approved by Health Canada and is a favorite of many customers.

4- Zapagerm Hand Sanitizer

Another of the best hand sanitizers approved by Health Canada is Zapagerm. Unlike the other products mentioned, this one contains the combination of alcohol with aloe vera. Totally a hand sanitizer made in Canada, and available at an affordable price.

5- Puratyze – Hand sanitizer

This interesting Puratyze is one of the products guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs in a matter of seconds. Its combination of ingredients will make your hands, besides being protected and virus-free, feel soft and smooth. It is another hand sanitizer made in Canada.

6- Hydro-Alcoholic Solution by Biorell

Biorell is a hydroalcoholic gel that is used as a skin sanitizer and acts by direct contact and friction. This product has bactericidal and virucidal properties, making it the best hand sanitizer you can have in your home. If you want to know more about the product, click here.

7- Hand sanitizer brands: Zoono

Finally, the Zoono brand has also been concerned about the safety and health of people by manufacturing one of the best hand sanitizers. They are available in different sizes, prices and even formulas, as there are alcohol-free versions. However, they are all long-lasting and guaranteed to eliminate any bacteria or viruses in their entirety.


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